Published — 18 March, 2020

MP wants to build community support during coronavirus epidemic

Local MP Andrew Jones is launching a scheme to match people self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak with people who can help.  The plan is designed to support the work of the local councils, the NHS and voluntary services.

Mr Jones is asking people to tell him what support they need when they are self-isolating to protect themselves and others from the virus.

He is also asking people who are not in the ‘at risk’ groups to offer their support to those who are.

To start the scheme ahead of the weekend, when the medical experts are advising self isolation begins, Mr Jones sent an email to 9,000 local people for whom he has contact details.  The email asked constituents to identify if they would be in need of support and also to ask for volunteers to provide that support.  Mr Jones and his team will attempt to match the help needed with the support offered.

Mr Jones commented: “It’s time to be the best neighbour that we can be.  Community really matters right now, and will do for the immediate future.  We must do all we can to ensure that everyone who is self-isolating gets the support they need.  That might be shopping, it might be collecting a prescription, it might be providing company through a phone call every now and then.

“I have never done anything like this before.  I know that there will be difficulties to be overcome and that not all the problems will have solutions.   But we need to work hard and work together so that we get through this. 

“If people normally get produce from a specific shop we need to look how we can support them continuing to do that.  There must be a way to arrange payment and for someone to collect the goods and leave them on the doorstep.  If we look for solutions we can support our local retail as well as local people and our community.”

If you are interested in helping or need help yourself please email Andrew Jones on with your full contact details.  If you do not have email then please call his office on 01423 529614.

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