Published — 19 April, 2021

Vaccine self-certification

Thank you for contacting me regarding vaccine self-certification, or as often referred to as passports.

I do understand the points that you and others make and I think vaccine passports are extremely problematic. There will be people who do not want a vaccine for religious or cultural reasons. Some may deride this but it should be a consideration when the government looks at the issue. Others may not be able to have the vaccine because of health conditions; we need to ensure these people can return to a normal life too.  There are still of course millions of people aged 50 and under who have not yet received a jab.

There may be concerns about large, closely-packed gatherings and foreign travel and these are being looked at by the government (and in fact by governments across the world) but as I said at the outset; I think there are many difficult questions to answer and I will ensure that all the points being put to me are put to Ministers who are looking at this subject.

The Prime Minister has said that the next step of easing restrictions on 17 May will not involve vaccine self-certification.  This means that we can go to the pub, go out to a restaurant, meet groups of six (or two households) indoors without requiring self-certification.  I think this is positive.

Thank you again for contacting me. It is an important subject and I understand the depth of feeling about it.