Published — 5 June, 2019

NHS audiology services

Thank you for contacting me regarding the availability of hearing aids on the NHS.

Hearing aids can assist people’s lives immensely – improving ability to hear speech and giving people more confidence in holding a conversation and overall help to allow people to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

The government is committed to ensuring people with hearing impairments receive the care they need. I am encouraged that an Action Plan on Hearing Loss has been developed to make sure that the NHS and other public services deliver what matters to people with deafness and hearing loss. This includes steps to improve diagnosis, service integration and participation in society for people with hearing impairments.

I understand that as part of the Action Plan on Hearing Loss, NHS England has worked alongside CCGs and interested parties, including the hearing loss community, to develop a Commissioning Framework for hearing loss services. The Framework provides commissioners with prevalence data at a local level, helping them to make decisions based on a clearer understanding of local needs and will enable appropriate planning and quality management processes to be introduced.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.